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boisdale at sunrise - landcare Maffra districts




MDLN is a community-based movement dedicated to enabling communities to thrive by creating pathways for innovative and biodiverse land and environmental practices.

Our 2021-2026 Strategic Plan can be found here

Pest plants

Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party website

Weeds at the Early Stage of Invasion (WESI) – Early invader manual


Regenerative agriculture

Charles Massy: Profound solutions for challenging times (These recordings were made during Charles Massy’s tour of Gippsland in May 2019.  Charles gave this presentation to packed audiences in Bass Coast, Drouin, Darnum, Poowong and Sale.)



Shade and Shelter in the M.I.D. – includes information about shelterbelt design for irrigation properties – also contains useful general information and links to further resources

Tax deductions for shelterbelts


Tax deductions fact sheet

Tax deductions for shelterbelts


FrogID app download

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