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forrest around Maffra & districts - landcare


Click here if you want to contact us about:

* Your interests

* You want to be involved but not sure how or where

* Sponsorship of MDLN

* Other matters (but no cold calling please!)


There are many reasons people choose to become involved with Landcare, and many benefits include:

  • Joining a community of like-minded people

  • Assisting with local community projects, such as planting trees, initiate nestbox installation, clearing weeds, or maintaining project sites

  • Learning about and sharing knowledge of land management practices

  • Advance notice of certain opportunities and free or reduced fees for events

  • Being kept up to date with upcoming events, resources, grants and other information via our e-News

  • Public liability insurance when attending Landcare events

  • Access to Landcare equipment such as spray units and tree planting gear

  • Automatic subscription to Victorian Landcare Magazine.

landcare Victoria for all ages


Your individual membership covers you and your dependents at the same address which makes sure you are all covered by insurance at Landcare events and when hiring equipment.


Membership is set at each Annual General Meeting in October and is for the following financial year. For the financial year ending 2024 it is $20 per household of up to two adults with dependents.


Payment details are the bottom of the form.

Landcare Membership Renewal

I wish to renew my Landcare membership

For Landcare insurance purposes, please list all family members to be covered under this membership below.

The membership relates to my/our property located at:

Your membership automatically makes you a Network member. But you can also indicate your primary interest in another group and go onto their mailing list.
Areas Of Landcare Interest (may select more than one)

Please make your payment to MDLN

BSB:                633 000

Account No:  152 223 020

Account Name:  Maffra & Districts Landcare Network


Please put in the description your initial and surname

Maffra landcare replanting

Ross Street Reserve, Sale

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