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MDLN started in 1998 and arose out of a number of farmer and sailinty-focussed groups joining together to form the Network.


Over time, the Network has grown and its various individuals and subgroups have fenced, removed weeds, addressed erosion, treated vermin, planted thousands of shrubs and trees, and grown beautiful shelter belts and riparian habitats and formed strong partnerships with many organisations and community groups.


This work has improved farming productivity, soil quality, increased biodiversity and contributed to the provision of beautiful places for community to enjoy including the Gippsland Plains Rail Trail and Flooding Creek Linear Park

new trees by maffra landcare victoria


MDLN Map - from google


MDLN is administered by a Board elected in October each year at the Annual General Meeting and the

2023-24 Board members are:

Chair: Stephanie Mathews
Vice-chair: Geoff Gooch
Secretary:  Sandra Jefford
Treasurer: Peter Neaves
Board members: Dennis Gedye, Alexis Killoran, Derek Harms

The Board employs a Facilitator, Firewise Project Officer and Executive Support Officer.

Bonnie Reeves is the Community & Agricultural Facilitator

Email:    0484 002 296

Working Monday afternoon, Tuesday – Thursday.

Van Ong is the Firewise Project Manager til March 2025

Jenny O’Neill is the Executive Support Officer 


Wednesdays only

Landcare began in 1986 in central Victoria when a group of farmers got together to repair the natural environment.

Since then the Landcare movement has spread across Australia and the world with the Maffra and Districts Landcare Network established in 1998.

It has also adopted a broader focus of sustainable management of our natural resources.


Landcarers create positive change in their local communities and local environment

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